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Hey there

Just because...

Nothing has been posted here since April and I cannot bear to see the calendar so empty. So, while we're all awaiting the arrival of Atonement, something fun to do.

This is my favorite song about Paris. What's yours?

Don't post it here, make a separate entry with its own vid to alllow separate comments.


Hello there...

Since fans have expressed an interest in knowing more about Travis, he has granted me a second interview. So I'm opening the floor to questions you might want asked. Anything you want to know that's not been discussed before, feel free to post the questions here.

I do request that before you throw questions out, please re-read his previous interview so I don't receive duplicates.

Book four.

And since a lot happens with Trey, I shall use his icon.


Peering around...

And as I thought, deader than a doornail.

Seriously. Is there anyone out there? Nah, we're all on Facebook. And that's fine. Why spend time here when LJ is dying by steps, and over at Facebook we can interact with our favorite characters any ole time we want? (I'll admit I love that. =^.^=)

So here's the drill (if anyone is even reading this): I'm not deleting the community, no, because there's some good stuff here and personally I don't want to lose it.

BUT, I'm not going to make an effort to keep it active, unless I hear differently from the lot of you.

So, most likely, this is me, signing off.

Happy Birthday

Devious Journal Entry


To my favorite Aussie...

I cannot let this day go by without wishing you a Happy Australia Day.

Have a Hopping One!