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AND BY THAT I MEAN READ THIS FIRST. Don't be posting something with that so annoying disclaimer..."ooo I hope this is OK. Mods delete if not."

In talking about the books, ANYTHING you think that may be a spoiler, put it behind a cut with a warning. This goes for all three books. There are no exceptions. If you do not know how to do a cut, do not post until you learn how. How is right there in LJ's FAQ.

Trolls and flamers will be destroyed on sight. Yes, Michel will take care of them posthaste and enjoy it while at the same time buffing his nails. That's how boring and tiresome he finds trolls.

If you have a question, problem, whatever, go to moon_chylde. PM me or email me. Don't be bugging sroit unless you are having a problem with me. LOL Seriously, I started this and I've got her back. So me first.

If you post a question/comment to Michel, do not expect an immediate answer. His whimsical moods may cause him to not answer for days. On the otherhand he may reply before you've barely gotten done sending your comment. Believe me, I speak from experience.

This is about sroit's work. Not vamps/paranormal in general. If you want to talk about Sookie, Anita Blake, Bram Stoker, etc. go somewhere else unless it directly ties in with her books.
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